Program Participant Pledge 

As a student participant in the HIGHER Up Texas Program, I _______________________, pledge to embody the following core values and principles: 

Honesty will guide me along my journey towards greatness. I love who I am and will be true to myself. I love the person I am evolving towards as I create a future that is destined for success. I am determined to put forth the best version of my true-self today and always. I will be truthful because truth matters. I will be truthful even when it is not convenient. I do not want to sacrifice my long-term goals and ambitions for short term tranquility if I am not honest in my words and actions.

Integrity will be my leading force as I develop into a person who is able to view ideas that are different than mine and learn more about what scares me. I will have an open mind and learn how to think critically about situations I am faced with in my everyday life. I will be committed to the things I set-forth to do to the best of my ability.

Grit will drive the type of physical, emotional and spiritual energy I put forth into the world. Courageousness and consciousness will become second nature to me as I work toward bettering my life each and every day.

Hopefulness will allow me to see beyond the challenges and obstacles that are in and out of my control. This optimistic outlook will navigate my mind through the toughest storms I may pass through. Bad things happen, yet the world never stops turning. I will have a growth mindset that the positive steps I take today will lead to a much better life in the future.

Eagerness will be my attitude each and every day from the moment I open my eyes until I lay my head down at night for sleep. Enthusiasm to do more for my future self will be my motivation when I feel tired and defeated. When this happens, I will get up again and continue moving towards my best future self. 

Readiness will be the biggest gift I can give to myself, my classmates and the world. I readily accept my challenges and will strive to learn from my mistakes. Showing up is half the battle and I am prepared for the good fight. My journey begins now.  

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 My participation is more important than just being a warm body in the classroom. What I bring into this class may change another student or adult’s life. I will challenge myself to contribute beyond my own comfort level. I will Jump a little (or a lot) outside of my comfort zone and watch the magic happen. My ideas, values, experiences and voice are important.