“My favorite part about HUT is hearing everyone’s past stories and seeing that most people come from a struggle.”

– Timia

“What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” – Unknown

We are all given the gift of 24 hours in a day. When we decide to share with others, we are pouring out one of our most valuable asset of all- the gift of time.

HIGHER Up Texas needs people that have a story to tell.

Students in the HIGHER Up Texas program are learning to think first before they act. Exposure to different ideas, people, and experiences will develop this highly critical level of thinking that will positively influence the rest of their lives. Sharing your authentic journey to success will plant seeds into the lives of our future community leaders. If you are not local, HIGHER Up Texas students welcome you virtually into our classroom. Click here to share your story with our students. 

HIGHER Up Texas needs places where students can learn.

One goal of the HIGHER Up Texas program is to place hard-working students in job environments that meet their career goals. If you have a place of employment that would welcome job shadowing, internship opportunities, and/or job placements, you will be making a major contribution to the career trajectory of a student that may otherwise not have exposure to their chosen fields. Click here to share your work space with our students.